SOL CBD Review 2020: All Products Reviewed [The Complete Guide]

CBD products are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. Several studies on these products have shown favorable results in the treatment of many medical conditions including sleep disorders, anxiety, and chronic pain.

In addition to the healing properties, easing out of regulatory requirements for the hemp plant-based products has also contributed to the popularity of these products. And to cash in on this growing popularity a lot of brands are entering into selling different CBD products.

Many sellers may try to take advantage of this situation and may market inferior or contaminated CBD products. This may create doubts in customer’s minds about the reliability and effectiveness of these products.

A thorough review of these products is, therefore, necessary to isolate genuine sellers from the spurious ones.

Sol CBD is one of the many brands offering multiple CBD products.

Let us see whether Sol CBD really provides a solution to the problem or only further solidifies doubts around the CBD products.

About SOL

A fairly new company Sol CBD was established by a couple named Oksana and Lary Ostrovsky in 2015. With their mission to provide health and fitness to every segment of the society, the founders of Sol CBD work together with their team to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Support & Services to the customer
  • Outstanding quality at an optimum cost
  • Law-abiding, honest and transparent practices

All policies and practices of Sol CBD have been designed to align with these Sol objectives.

About The Brand

Organically grown Hemp

The hemp used in extracting CBD is grown organically. Being organic, the plants and thus the extract is free from all the chemicals & toxins present in fertilizers and pesticides used otherwise in chemical farming.

Cold processed CO2 Extraction

The CO2 extraction method ensures that all the compounds present in the cannabis plant including terpenes and essential nutrients are extracted to get the most effective CBD extract.

Secondly, CO2 does not react with any of the compounds and also does not lead to any contamination in the product.

And thirdly, cold processing does not involve heat treatment thus keeping all the nutrients of the plant intact during processing.


Sol CBD oil uses coconut oil as the carrier oil as it contains MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) fats. The MCT is easily absorbed and digested by the human body. This not only improves the effectiveness of CBD but provides other health benefits as well.

Third-Party Product Testing

Furthermore, to ensure the quality of their products, they get their products tested through a reputed third party laboratory ProVerde. And to ensure transparency, they disclose the test reports on their website with all of their products.

Shipping Policy

Sol CBD has a “Shipping Philosophy” which states that any ordered product should reach the customer’s doorstep at the earliest.

Generally, it takes 3-5 business days from the date of the order. Customers can track their orders throughout the delivery cycle through a highly efficient tracking system.

For orders under $75, shipping charges of $5.95 are applicable. If the order is more than that no shipping charges are levied.

The company does not offer any international shipping as of now.

Refund Policy

Sol CBD shows its confidence in its quality by offering a 60-day money-back guarantee to all its customers. This ‘No-Questions-Asked’ refund policy is available for two months from the date of purchase of the product.

Customer Support

Support to customers is available from 9 am to 5 pm PST from Monday through Friday.

For any inquiry or feedback, you can mail to Sol CBD at

You can also call them at 1-800-413-5420.

SSL Security

Thanks to the encrypted SSL security used by the company. It ensures 100% security of its customer’s credit card information.

SOL CBD Products Overview

We were curious to know how much of the above-mentioned policies and practices adopted by Sol CBD translated into the effectiveness of its products.

And that is exactly what we intend to share with you here through the reviews of some of its products.

SOL CBD Tincture

Sol CBD tincture uses organically grown hemp extract and a cold-processed CO2 extraction method to extract full spectrum oil. Besides, it uses coconut oil as the carrier oil as the coconut oil contains MCT that improves the effectiveness of Sol CBD oil.

Strengths & Flavors

It is available in two different strengths.

300 mg

300 mg CBD tincture is available in Natural and Cinnamint flavor.

If you do not particularly like the natural flavor of CBD oil, Cinnamint in 300 mg strength offers you a tasty option to take care of your health & wellbeing.

3600 mg

It is only available in pure Natural form and it is many times stronger than 300 mg and is suitable for those needing a higher strength of CBD.


300 mg

Take ½ dropper CBD Oil sublingually on an empty stomach. This dosage is equivalent to 5 mg of CBD. Take this dosage two times a day.

Allow it 30 seconds for proper absorption and then swallow. You can also take it by mixing it with warm water or with any fruit drink or juice.

3600 mg

Take ¼ dropper sublingually on an empty stomach. This dosage is equivalent to 15mg of CBD.

Take this dosage two times a day or as needed. Allow it for 30 seconds for proper absorption and then swallow. You can also take it by mixing it with warm water.


300 mg

Both the flavors are available in three different packs:

  • 1-Pack has one bottle of CBD tincture at $65.00
  • 2-Pack has two bottles with price at $124.00
  • 3-Pack has three bottles and is available at $174.00

3600 mg

It is also available in three different packs:

  • 1-Pack has one bottle with a price of $327.00
  • 2-Pack has two bottles at $618.00
  • 3-Pack has three bottles and is available at $867.00


So, Sol CBD oil which is free from any contamination or chemicals provides a good option for mild as well as stronger dosage. Besides, Cinnamint provides a tasty option for those who do not like the taste of natural CBD oil in the milder option.

With coconut oil as the carrier, it also adds on to other health benefits associated with the coconut oil.

SOL CBD Capsules

Sol CBD capsule is the simplest way to have CBD. Capsules are very easy to store. You can keep it in your bags, in the pockets or inside your hand purse.

Moreover, it provides a wonderful option for those who do not like the taste of natural tincture. You don’t need to bother about the taste as you just have to swallow it with water. Moreover, you get the exact 15mg of the dosage every time.

No chemicals, Vegetarian capsules

Vegetable-based capsules make a good choice for vegetarians as well. Similar to the tincture, CBD capsules are also chemical-free.


The recommended dosage is one capsule a day. This dosage gets you 15mg of CBD per serving besides other nutritions present in the extract.

Swallow the capsule with water, preferably at a fixed time every day. It is as simple as that!


Sol CBD Capsules are available in three different packs:

  • 1-Pack has one bottle of CBD capsule at $69.00
  • 2-Pack has two bottles at $129.00
  • 3-Pack has three bottles and is available at $179.00


Packed in a vegetarian capsule, Sol CBD capsules offer great convenience of having a daily dose of CBD. In addition, it is a good option for those who do not like the taste of CBD tincture.

All of this extracted from the high-quality organic hemp plants using the CO2 extraction method ensuring the benefits of all the cannabinoid compounds and essential nutrients present in the plant.

SOL CBD Liposomes

This Sol CBD product is unique in many ways. And each of those unique features adds to the effectiveness of CBD.

Pre-dissolved CBD Oil

Before working on our body CBD oil first needs to be dissolved with our body fluid. A faster dissolution would lead to quicker and better effects.

Normal CBD tinctures rely totally on dissolubility of CBD Oil with body fluid on their own. But Sol Liposomes pre-dissolves CBD Oil using the advanced technology. Moreover, it also stores the dissolved CBD inside the Liposomes.

Liposomes are double-layered bubble-like structures that carry CBD, inside them. When consumed, CBD Liposomes enter directly into the immune system rather than entering into the bloodstream.

This leads to faster absorption of CBD in the body. Besides, as the CBD does not enter the bloodstream it avoids its removal through the liver thus, leads to more absorption of CBD in the body.

The Fruity Dose

It is wise to swallow a bitter pill rather than bearing a nagging pain. But what if you get a delicious fruity pill that relieves you of your pain as well?!

Firstly, the liposome layer itself prevents CBD to directly come in contact with the tongue. This cleverly masks the typical bitterness of CBD.

To add to it, SOL CBD Liposomes are blended with tasty fruit extracts and herbal stevia as a sweetener to further treat your taste buds with the yummy taste and your body with the healing touch.

The All Organic & Natural

Form the hemp plant to CO2 extraction Sol CBD Liposome is all free from harmful chemicals. Even in the phospholipids that form Liposome layers are also made of natural ingredients like healthy Sunflower seeds added with Egg yolk and the protein-rich Soybeans.

Healthy Packaging

Yes, to keep the healing properties of the Liposomes intact or rather boost it further SOL CBD Liposomes come in German-made Miron Violet Glass bottles.

The color therapist has discovered many effects of colors on herbal medicines. Some colors tend to deteriorate the healing effects of these medicines while others actually enhance the effects. Violet is one such color that acts as a preservative, prevents oxidation and improves the healing properties of the herbal extracts.

Furthermore, the bottle has a dose-measuring, spill-proof capping with it.


The recommended dosage is 4 pumps mixed with a glass of water two times a day. This dosage gets you 10mg of fruity CBD sitting inside the rapid-acting, highly effective Liposomes, every day.


Sol CBD Liposomes are available in three different packs:

  • 1-Pack has one bottle at $79.00
  • 2-Pack has two bottles with $150.00
  • 3-Pack with has three bottles and is available at $210.00


By using the most advanced technology, Sol CBD Liposomes offer a rare blend of healing with taste. The pre-dissolved oil, feeding to the immune system does not take any time in reaching where it is needed the most.

On top of that, all organic and natural ingredients and processes make it a highly safe medication that heals with care.

Over and above, the unique Sol CBD Liposome packaging including the Miron Violet Glass bottle and the spill-proof cap that adds to the product’s effectiveness and value.

SOL CBD Organic Skin Care

The skin-friendly Sol CBD skincare comes in two different formulas, one meant for prevention and the other for the cure. Both with USDA certified organic formulas.


If you have good shining skin and you wish to maintain it and prevent it from any deterioration you have the NOURISH formula.

It uses 22 highly effective skin-healing ingredients including Aloe-vera, Avocado Oil, Organic Rose Hydrosol, and CBD Oil, etc.


EXTRA CARE formula touches your damaged skin with care and heals cracks, spots, blemishes, those creases on your forehead and the crow’s feet around your eyes.

It uses 23 highly effective ingredients including Aloe-vera, Avocado Oil, Organic Calendula Hydrosol, and cannabinoid, etc.


To ensure quality and consistency, Sol CBD not only uses good quality herbal ingredients, but it also gives special focus to the manufacturing of these products as well.

All the products are made in small batches and blended manually to maintain consistency of the product ensuring uniform results with each product unit.


There is no fixed dosage as such.

Wash your hands, and the face or the part of the body where you wish to apply the product.

Shake the bottle to allow for proper mixing and pump to take some product on your washed hands. Massage gently on the desired part.


Sol CBD Skin Care has three different offers-

  • Love Your Skin Bundle which has one bottle each of NOURISH & EXTRA CARE. It is the Biggest Saving Offer, with a price of $142.00
  • 1 bottle of Nourish Formula, at $69.00.
  • 1 bottle of Extra Care Formula, at $89.00.


Both the Skin Care formulas of Sol CBD skincare have used herbal, organic, and natural ingredients blended with CBD. Small batch manual manufacturing ensures enough focus required to maintain the quality & consistency of the products.

SOL CBD Infused Herbal Balm

A blend of 13 highly effective ingredients including hemp plant extracted CBD Oil promises quicker and effective relief to your muscular and joint pains.

Moreover, herbal extracts like Virgin Andiroba Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, and CBD Hemp extract Oil provide many essential nutrients like Vitamins, Linoleic acid and Omega 3’s & 6’s.

Thus, apart from the chronic pains, Sol CBD Balm can also help in removing acne, scars, eczema, and can act as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.


Wash your hands and the affected part of the body and massage gently. Apply as many times as needed.

Meant for external use only. Do not apply on face or damaged skin. Avoid contact with the eyes.


Sol CBD Balm is available in three different packs-

  • 1-Pack has one bottle of CBD Balm at $47.00
  • 2-Pack has two bottles at $89.00
  • 3-Pack has three bottles at $123.00


13 herbal ingredients are really effective and they work in tandem to provide relief from various medical disorders. The formula offers quick relief to the pain conditions in your muscles and joints.

SOL CBD Pet Tincture

Sol CBD shows their concern towards you not only through relieving your pains but they also understand your love for your furry pet. And to help these innocent pals, they have come with the Sol CBD Pet Tincture.

All the ingredients are natural, organic, and herbal similar to the Sol CBD tincture for humans and are equally effective for your lovely pet.


Give your pet ½ a dropper of the tincture per day.


It is presently available as a single bottle of 30 ml, priced at $31.00


Sol CBD tincture helps relieve your pet from anxiety and pain that they cannot even complain to you about.


Q1. Can CBD be addictive?

A1. No, it cannot be addictive. It is a non-psychoactive substance and does not get you high.

Q2. I feel tired after I started the supplement. Is it normal?

A2. Yes, your body tries to adapt to the new supplement and thus uses some of your energy in balancing the body initially. Vary the dosage and observe results. You will find out the right dosage for you.

Q3. Does CBD interact with other drugs?

A3. Though CBD is considered to be very safe yet it may interact with some of the medications particularly ailments requiring blood thinning, etc.

You may reduce your dose to half in such cases.

However, it is highly advisable to consult your physician before proceeding for any CDB product.

Q4. Is CBD Liposome better than CBD Oil?

A4. It depends on the individual. Every individual has a unique response mechanism. Many customers find the capsules more effective while many others find liposome working better for them.

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