Sabaidee CBD Review

Many CBD brands have earned a reputation for selling high quality CBD products. SabaiDee CBD is one of those renowned brands that are offering a variety of quality CBD products in different forms.

In our endeavor to provide you with the right information about the best CBD Oil brands, we have reviewed some of the most effective products offered by SabaiDee. Before reviewing its products we will first know about this brand which is relatively new to the CBD market.

About The Brand

SabaiDee is a Thai word. It means ‘to feel blissful’. The name came to the mind of Alon Shabo, the founder of the company when he came to know about the healing effects of CBD Oil while searching for a natural way to treat his stress, depression, and anxiety. During his research about CBD Oil, Alon not only realized several health benefits of CBD but also about many malpractices prevalent in the CBD market.

What were the malpractices that moved Alon?

Alon was prompted to launch a new CBD manufacturing company in Colorado, Los Angeles, the US in 2017 after he came to know about so many sketchy sellers moving in the market offering low-quality CBD. He observed many foul practices prevailing in the market around CBD Oil including; misleading labels, impure and Fake CBD, poor manufacturing practices, and so on.

Alon was shocked and felt saddened by all these practices. He decided to venture into the manufacturing of CBD products with a mission to provide pure CBD to one million people and help them live a healthier and happy life. He also committed to planting one million trees to show his sincere concern towards the environment.

How does SabaiDee ensure the perfect execution of their mission?

Well, by following Good Manufacturing Practices.

Let’s see how?

Growing CBD-rich Hemp strains in Colorado Springs

Growing a Hemp plant is not difficult. What is difficult is to grow a CBD-rich, low-THC, heavy-metal-free Hemp plant. And developing such a breed took their farmers 8 long years.

At SabaiDee, they grow the most superior breed of hemp that naturally has a high concentration of CBD and low content of THC. Moreover, they grow their hemp in the nutrition-rich-land of Colorado Springs which also has a highly conducive environment to cultivate high quality hemp plants. The grown hemp plants contain 18% of CBD and less than 0.3% of THC.

Deploying CO2 extraction

The CO2 extraction method is the best extraction method to derive Broad Spectrum CBD from the hemp plants. At SabaiDee, the hemp extract further undergoes purification using the chromatography technique to ensure that the extract contains all the phytocannabinoids, terpenes, omega 3,6, and other fatty acids like Full Spectrum CBD.

These processes also make sure that the CBD is free from any impurities like chlorophyll and any harmful chemicals. Also, unlike Full Spectrum CBD, it does not contain any THC in the hemp extract. 

But how to trust this?

A valid question, as you can trust the claims only if an independent competent agency endorses the quality of the product.

Well, SabaiDee does not leave anything up to assumption!

Third Party Testing

The manufacturing plant follows good manufacturing practices. These practices include in-house testing of the product by using the chromatography testing method. Besides, to get an independent view on their product quality, the quality control team also sends each batch to an independent third party for testing various parameters of the final product.  

To develop the trust of the customers, SabaiDee transparently makes all the third party test results available to the public through their Certificate of Analysis (COA) on their official website.

Well, this is about the quality of the products the company offers, what about the quality of services?

Customer Services

Yes, at SabaiDee, they know that product quality alone is not enough to win the trust of millions of customers. They also need to offer a high level of customer service to ensure high customer satisfaction.

And how do they achieve high customer satisfaction?

Well, in more than one way. Let’s find out that, as well!

Free shipping

As a customer, you will feel delighted when you receive your favorite products in a quick time. Is it not?

Well, at SabaiDee they feel proud about the fact that they offer free shipping of all their products within the USA. And more than that, they feel happy that their customers can receive any of the products within 3 to 5 business days after placing the order.

To add to their customers’ delight, SabaiDee offers rush-shipping to deliver urgent orders within 1-3 business days on chargeable basis.

100% Happiness Guarantee

What is that?

This is what SabaiDee has named its refund policy. They want their customers to be happy not only with the quality of their products and prompt and free shipping facility but also with their product return and refund policy. And hence the “100% Happiness Guarantee” policy.

This policy states that the customers can return the unopened products within 30 days of delivery and get a 100% refund of their money.

Return and refund policy for used products

SabaiDee has a lot of confidence in its product quality. And that is what prompted them to offer a refund policy even on the used products.

If for some reason, the customers are not satisfied with the product, they can return even the used products within 30 days just by paying the relevant refund fee.

What about contacting their customer care team?

Well, SabaiDee is ready to hear from their customer 24X7. Yes, you can call their customer care team around the clock or e-mail them with your query or feedback. They will respond to you as quickly as possible.

SabaiDee CBD Reviews

Having known about the history, mission, and sales and operations practices of SabaiDee, the next obvious step is to review their product range. After all, how-so-ever big a company claims about its products you can’t trust until and unless you hear about its products from a reliable source. And this is the very reason we are presenting the SabaiDee CBD review right here.

CBD Oil and Topical are the two main products in the portfolio of the SabaiDee CBD product range. Let’s know about both these products along with their unique features, variants, benefits, and other relevant details. 

SabaiDee CBD Oil

SabaiDee offers CBD Oil in three different variants with each having its peculiar application, dosage, and benefits. All the below CBD Oil variants are available in packages of 1, 2, 3, and 6 pack sizes at different price points.

Good Vibes

The least potent variant of the three, Good Vibes 250mg+ is made with high quality Broad Spectrum Oil. It uses MCT derived from Coconut oil as the carrier oil. The highly effective carrier oil enhances the absorption of CBD while imparting numerous benefits of coconut to the product.

The product also comprises Peppermint Oil and Stevia leaf. Both of these ingredients not only mask the raw taste of CBD but also provide a cool and soothing flavor to the CBD Oil.

Good Vibes is a perfect option for those who are new to CBD Oil. Besides, you can also incorporate 250+ into your daily wellness regime to get relief from your mild pain, stress, and anxiety.

Good Vibes offer 8.33mg of CBD per serving. You can start by taking 1-3 times a day and increase the dose gradually if needed.

Super Good Vibes

4 times more potent compared to Good Vibes, Super good Vibes is the most popular product of SabaiDee. With 33.5mg of CBD per serving, Super Good Vibes can offer relief from moderate to severe pain conditions, anxiety, and depression.

The product ingredients are the same as used in Good Vibes; however, Super Good contains 1000mg CBD in a glass bottle. 

It is advisable to start with a small dosage of 1-3 servings every day. For best results, consume the supplement in the morning hours at around the same time every day. 

Mega Good Vibes 

Mega Good Vibes is the most potent variant of SabaiDee CBD Oil. With 2500mg CBD in a single packing, Mega Good Vibes offers 83.3mg of CBD per serving with similar ingredients as used in the other two variants.

With this high serving size, this high potency variant can be consumed by the individuals suffering from chronic pain and inflammation, excessive stress, anxiety, and depression, sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, etc.

It is advisable to seek medical advice from your physician before starting the supplement. This is particularly important if you are already on other medications or have a medical history.

1 to 3 servings of Mega Good Vibes is good to start with. After observing the effects for a few days you can gradually increase the dosage if needed.

Pure Good Vibes

With 1000mg of CBD in a glass bottle Pure Good Vibes is the unflavored variant of Super Good Vibes. It is an ideal product for those who want to consume natural CBD or those who do not like the taste of Peppermint.

The Pure Vibes is also made by using MCT derived from coconut oil as the carrier oil. You can use this product as a substitute for the Super Vibes. Moreover, you can also take Pure Vibes by mixing in your favorite beverage or food item. Its natural flavor will not interfere with the flavor of the drink or the food item. 

Great Vibes Bundle

If you are inclined towards consuming CBD products as a part of your daily diet regime, the Great Vibes Bundle offers a wonderful option for you. The basic bundle comprises one bottle of Good Vibes and Super Good Vibes each.

So, you can start taking the supplement with Good Vibes and as you feel comfortable with the dosage you can shift to Super Good Vibes for better effects.

SabaiDee Topical 

SabaiDee Topical is a great option for those who for some reason, do not want to consume CBD Oil orally.  The all-natural SabaiDee offers two variants for topical application.

Relief Rub 

Relief Rub is an all-natural product having no synthetic aromas or ingredients. It is a wonderful blend of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and other plant-based ingredients. These ingredients include Camphor Oil, Blue Tansy, and Wintergreen Leaf.

The natural ingredients like Blue Tansy impart their individual properties to the balm and enhance the beneficial effects of CBD. The mix of all these plant ingredients gives a sweet mint fragrance to the balm. The balm contains 250mg of CBD.

For topical application, you should massage the balm over the affected area. Make sure to avoid contact with the eyes.

Comfort Cream

Smooth and soothing lotion, the comfort cream is a super blend of CBD, Bergamot Oil, Camphor Oil, and Peppermint Oil. These natural ingredients offer a cooling sensation, moisturizing effects, and also add a sweet and cool aroma to the product. Besides, it leaves your skin shining and sparkling.

You can apply it in the same way as Relief Balm.

Skin Relief Bundle

It contains 1 jar of Relief Rub and 1 tube of Comfort Cream.

Mega Vibes Bundle

Mega Vibes bundle contains 1 bottle of Mega Good Vibes and Super Good Vibes each, and 1 tube of Comfort Cream topical lotion. Collectively the bundle provides 4000mg of CBD which is the highest potency in a single SabaiDee CBD product.


What is the best way to administer SabaiDee CBD tincture?

Sublingual application is the most effective way to administer CBD tincture. When you take CBD under your tongue and hold it for 15-20 seconds, it directly gets absorbed in the bloodstream and therefore, starts showing its effect in a quick time.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

Broad Spectrum CBD contains all the compounds present in the source plant excluding THC. So, it produces the entourage effect similar to Full Spectrum CBD but does not contain any traces of THC.

What are the advantages of using MCT as the carrier oil in CBD products? 

The saturated fats present in MCT oil helps in quicker absorption of cannabinoids in the body. MCT Oil directly metabolizes into energy. The energy thus produced burns the saturated fats quickly and allows the body to use the released CBD instantaneously.

What Is The Difference Between Hemp And Marijuana?

Though both these plants belong to the same Cannabis Sativa species, their composition is much different from each other. Marijuana has a low concentration of CBD with a very high percentage of THC and hence it possesses profound psychoactive properties. Hemp, on the other hand, has high CBD content with only trace amounts of THC. 

Final Verdict

Looking at the sales and operations practices SabaiDee follows in fulfilling its noble mission of providing health and wellness to 1 million people, we can easily place it among the most top-rated CBD companies in the country.

Planting one tree for each product sold speaks volumes about their commitment to the environment. Moreover, displaying third party test results openly, free shipping, and a 100% happiness guarantee keeps SabaiDee ahead of its competition.

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