Nuleaf Naturals Review 2020

Nuleaf Naturals Review

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in plants belonging to Cannabis Sativa species. CBD oil is a derivative of CBD. Recent studies have shown many health benefits of using CBD. These favorable results have resulted in a rapid increase in the demand for these products.  

If you have also learned about the positive health effects of CBD products and wish to use them to treat your specific medical condition, ensure to buy them from a reputed brand only.

Nuleaf Naturals is one of those brands that is earning a reputation for selling high-quality CBD oils. We have reviewed products offered by Nuleaf Naturals and are sharing here the results of our Nuleaf Naturals review to help you make an informed decision. 

About Nuleaf Naturals

With a vision to provide a happy and healthier life to the people, Nuleaf Naturals has committed itself to produce the most natural, pure, and simple CBD products. With this vision, Nuleaf Naturals has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the hemp products category.

Since its establishment in the year 2014, Nuleaf Naturals has evolved into a highly reliable brand for CBD. And this growth is a result of committed efforts towards achieving its objectives by continuously offering high-quality products and services to its customers.


Nuleaf Naturals uses non-GMO and 100% organic hemp plants, grown under natural sunshine and irrigated through the mountain spring water in Colorado. They are free from any harmful chemicals or other synthetic compounds. Moreover, Nuleaf Naturals has partnered with the top quality growers to develop the genetics that creates one of the most effective cannabinoid profiles.

Full Spectrum extract

The full-spectrum CBD extract contains all the compounds present in the hemp plant. This ensures that all of the nutritious and beneficial components of the cannabis plant combine their merits to produce a stronger and more effective extract. This phenomenon is known as the entourage effect.

Third-party testing

Nuleaf Naturals is one of the first GMP compliant hemp companies. Besides, it also has the coveted ISO 8 certificate to its credit. The company also has the FDA approved internal production lab.

In addition to the internal lab, Nuleaf Naturals also sends all its products to an independent third party lab for verification to ensure that all its products are free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals. You can very easily get the complete test results of any of its products in a PDF form by contacting it directly.

CO2 extraction

CO2 extraction is certainly the best way to extract all the beneficial components from the plant. This ensures that there are no ill-effects of heat or any solvent in the CBD extract.

Fast shipping

The company offers free and super fast shipping anywhere in the country through the US Postal Services (USPS). It takes 2 to 3 days to deliver your order within the country. Besides, it also delivers its products to 40 countries internationally.

Refund Policy

The customer can return new, unused, and unopened products within 30 days after delivery to avail of a complete refund excluding the shipping charges. However, in case of a defective and incorrect delivery, the company would pay for the shipping charges as well.

Deposit of refund may take up to 4 weeks from the date of handing over of the product to the shipper. You may contact its customer service department at to inquire about any information related to shipping, return, and refund.

Product Reviews

Currently, CBD Oil is the only category in which the company has stepped in. The following are the two types of products it offers:

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This full-spectrum CBD oil comes in dark glass bottles in five different bottle sizes all having the same strength.

It is made of the organic hemp plant and there are no added flavors and colors in the product. For this reason, the product has the characteristic hemp taste and smell. Besides, the golden color of the product reflects that the product is 100% pure and natural.


The Nuleaf Naturals recommends a dose of 24mg per day. This is equivalent to 10 drops of CBD oil every day. You can split it into two equal doses of 5 drops each, once in the morning and once in the night. For the best effects, the manufacturer recommends taking the doses at a fixed time every day. You can increase or decrease the dose based on its effects on your body.

How to Use

There are multiple ways you can use Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil.

  • First of all, shake the bottle well before the application.
  • For maximum effects, you can take it sublingually by holding the recommended dose under the tongue for 30-60 seconds and then swallowing it. This would help in the quick absorption of the oil in the body system.
  • In its topical application, you can apply it directly over the affected area or can mix it with a suitable moisturizer before the application.
  • You can consume it orally by blending it with water or a beverage. Besides, you can also mix it with any food during cooking or baking.
  • Check the instructions provided with the product before consuming CBD oil. Also, consult your doctor before taking the CBD supplement.
  • Ensure to store the bottle in a cool and dark place.


The all-natural & organic Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil is a pure and simple formulation. You can use it to get relief from your chronic pain or sleep disorders without worrying about the harmful effects of any additives or chemicals.

Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil

The CBD used in making Nuleaf Naturals full-spectrum Pet CBD oil is the same as the normal CBD oil reviewed above. The only difference is that CBD oil for pets comes in three different bottle sizes.


The dosage in the case of pets depends on the weight of the pet as provided below.

Up to 25lbs – 2 Drops (1-2 times a day)

25 to 50lbs – 4 Drops (1-2 times a day)

50 to 75lbs – 6 Drops (1-2 times a day)

Above 75lbs – 8 + Drops (1-2 times a day)

How to Use

There are multiple ways that you can administer Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil to your pets.

  • Use the dropper to administer the correct dosage to the pets.
  • You can mix it with water, with any beverage, or with their favorite treat.
  • You can also apply it directly over the affected area of the pet.
  • Check the instructions provided with the product and also consult the veterinary doctor before administering CBD oil to your pet. It is even more important to consult the doctor if your pet is already on other medications.


Nuleaf Naturals CBD Pet oil has the same constitution as CBD oil for humans. It is a very simple way of administering your pet with a pure and natural CBD to relieve it from the nagging and irritating pains or other medical conditions.



CBD oil from Nuleaf Naturals is more expensive compared to other brands. However, you can buy the bigger size packaging or higher pack sizes to save on the cost.

Few Products

It comes only in the form of oil. It doesn’t offer different variants like gummies, cream or capsule, etc.

Secondly, though there are multiple options for different sizes, all of them have a single strength formulation.

No Flavor Options

Nuleaf Naturals is available only in the natural flavor and does not have any flavor option. There is no alternative for those who do not like the taste of natural CBD oil.

Customer Service

Apart from providing high-quality CBD oil, Nuleaf Naturals also provides excellent customer service. You can contact its customer service department on any day of the week between 9.00 and 5.00 pm MST. Moreover, you can email them at any time of the day.

Nuleaf Naturals gets all its products tested through the third party lab. If you want to look at the lab results, Nuleaf Naturals would quickly send it to you on your request. The web-site design of the company is highly customer-centric and has a very user-friendly layout. Most of the information provided in different sections are very useful for the customers.

Another example of keeping its customers at the topmost priority is its nationwide free shipping policy. Besides, deploying USPS Priority Mail, the company ensures delivery of its products in 2-3 business days of placing the order within the country.

Distribution of its products in around 40 countries across the globe speaks a lot about their quality, service, and reliability. The 30-days full refund policy is also one of the features that showcase a company’s confidence over the performance of its products.

Through its various assistance programs, Nuleaf Naturals also offers community service by providing discounted products to those who need them the most. These programs include social workers, students & teachers, military personnel, NGOs, and low-income group family members, etc.

Final Words

It is really heartening to observe that a company is working with such commitment and dedication in providing the best quality CBD oil to its customers. If using only the high-quality organic hemp plants is the first step that it shows as its commitment to quality, use of the full spectrum oil and CO2 extraction process takes the product to another level of quality standards.

Though, by offering only two product types that too in a single flavor & strength, Nuleaf Naturals lacks the variants in their portfolio yet this allows them to focus on the quality of the product much more efficiently. And this is a big reason for Nuleaf Naturals to provide one of the most effective CBD oils in the market.

Though the product is a little expensive yet with its high effectiveness it would prove to be more cost-effective than most of the other CBD brands. Further, the discounts offered by the company through its various assistance programs ensure that its products reach the neediest at a more affordable cost.

Overall, the products offered by Nuleaf Naturals are pure, natural, simple & effective and are in perfect alignment with the company’s vision and objectives.

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