How To Take CBD Oil [Top 4 Ways With Pros and Cons]

If you haven’t heard of CBD oil, you must be living in a cave. I know you’ve read about it somewhere, somehow. Thanks to the internet and TV, the perks of using CBD have become widespread.

If you’re not completely sure about what CBD is, I recommend you check out our complete guide on cannabidiol.

But what isn’t quite popular is the way it is taken. Most people believe that oils are just applied to the skin or used for cooking. Well, here’s one great news for you: there are many ways on how you can take CBD oil!

I have tried different CBD products for quite some time now and I believe that experience is the best teacher. Personally, I prefer CBD oil tinctures when it comes to effectiveness.

I’d say using CBD oil is a way of life. I’ve reviewed the best CBD products available in the market. I’ve read hundreds of researches and have written articles. I even discuss it with my friends.

The huge impact of CBD in my life inspires me to share my journey with you to the best of my ability.  So, before anything goes cheesier, let’s start rolling.

In this guide, we’ll tell you there are 4 main ways to take CBD oil and you can decide which one will be a better fit for you.

Best Ways To Take CBD

Did you know that CBD oil’s effect on the body depends on how it is taken? Let me break it down for you and let’s discover the different ways of taking CBD.

1. Sublingual (Under The Tongue)

The highly-recommended way of taking CBD is through sublingual consumption. Just place a drop or two under your tongue. Let it stay for 30 seconds to a minute before swallowing.

This method is a fast way for you to feel the effects of CBD in the body. CBD goes through the blood vessels under the tongue, directly to the bloodstream. Since it does not go through the digestion process, you’d feel the effect within 5 to 20 minutes.


Here’s why it is great to use CBD sublingually:

  • It goes directly to the bloodstream.
  • Effects last longer.
  • You can control the dosage.
  • It comes with a dropper so it’s easy to use anytime, anywhere.
  • It is ideal for migraine, stress, and chronic pain.


Well, not everyone might get the same effect. Some might:

  • feel nauseous or dizzy
  • would not like the taste
  • experience increased appetite

2. Inhalation

I must say that inhaling CBD through vapes is the trendiest way to take it. This method is more popular to millennials.

The process is simple yet quite pricey. You need to buy a vape pen, CBD vape oils, and batteries. But it’s all worth it since CBD would go directly to your lungs.

As a result, this method can provide relief quickly. You can also absorb more CBD. Inhalation is most preferred by those who experience panic attacks and severe pain.


Vaping CBD could help you alleviate pain or cope up with:

  • Epileptic seizures
  • Psychosis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • Pain caused by chemotherapy
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation


Consequently, scientists need to conduct further studies to solidify the efficacy of CBD vaping. The potential is there, it just needs validation.

3. Oral Ingestion

Ingesting it orally is the most popular option to take CBD. I’d say this is the crowd’s favorite because you can get CBD from capsules to cakes. Who would not love to pop a colorful CBD gummy bear?

This method is highly recommended for those who want to have a regular sleeping pattern. It also helps calm down people who are suffering from depression and anxieties.


When you take CBD orally, you:

  • experience the effects longer than usual
  • take it like any regular supplement; only better, of course
  • get away from that earthy taste that some people could not tolerate
  • can eat it anywhere. A cookie looks innocent, right?


For me, it is quite a challenge that you have to wait for it to take effect. It has to go through the digestive system before you experience relief.

You see, the CBD edibles will pass through the liver for metabolism before it enters your bloodstream. It is not a good option if you would need the soonest.

4. Topical Application

This method is great for those who use their muscles and joints most of the time. You can get CBD through balms, salves, lotions, ointments, and body scrubs.

Since it is external, you can use it from head to toe. Does your shin hurt much? Just rub it in and wait for CBD to flow through your bloodstream.


Topicals relieve you from:

  • arthritis
  • sore muscles
  • dry or damaged skin


Of course, you can’t eat it. You should only use this externally. But it’s really quick and effective.

You may also notice that CBD topical products are quite expensive. You might also be using much in a day, most especially when you do strenuous activities like hitting the gym or delivering heavy packages.

In general, the consequences of using CBD are uncommon cases. Studies have shown rare to few situations wherein the use of CBD gives the worst effects.

The benefits outweigh the few side effects. Additionally, researchers discover more potential rather than risk each day.

How Much Should You Take?

Now that we know the methods, we can focus on how much should you take on a regular basis.

Though they vouched for its potential, FDA is yet to release a recommended daily intake or RDI for CBD. Some manufacturers provide dosages but those are just suggestions.

Now, I am not a scientist. I am not even from the FDA. But what I recommend is that you consider the following:

  • Your CBD’s potency
  • Your body mass index (BMI)
  • Your reason for taking it

Why? It is so because your body would know what it needs. You have control over it. So, if you think two drops a day is fine, so be it. Some might take it more than you, but that’s them.

You may find yourself increasing the dosage and that’s okay. It happens when you feel multiple pain in the body or when it’s too much to bear.


Can I take too much CBD?

The National Cancer Institute reported that no one could overdose on CBD and die because it is not toxic. But that does not mean that you can as much as you want.

As you progress in your CBD journey, you would understand the concept of “less is more.” The most common signs that you have taken too much are headaches and fatigue.

It is also possible for some to experience sleepiness when they take more than their usual dosage of CBD. In general, if you take more than 50 milligrams, you’re a candidate for lightheadedness.

However, some people can take hundreds, even thousands, of milligrams. Don’t get shocked because it’s dependent on how your body processes it.

Can I ingest CBD vape liquid sublingually?

You should not. If we go through it in-depth, CBD vape liquids are mixed with various substances other than CBD oil. The mixture is done to ensure that vapor is produced.

These CBD vape liquids are manufactured specifically for vaping. If we go vice versa, you should not use CBD oil for vaping, too.

Be careful when buying CBD products. Don’t get confused between an oil and a vape liquid.

Overall Verdict

So, what’s the best and most effective way to take CBD? We would not have the same answer because what would be comfortable for me might be icky for you.

But personally, I prefer CBD taken sublingually, probably because I have been doing it for years. Though I enjoy munching on CBD baked goodies, taking it under the tongue brings such energy to me.

You can try all, as what my friends and I did, to check which one would suit your needs. Whatever your decision is at the end of the day, CBD is still a great way to lead a healthy life.

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