CBDPure Review: Is It The Purest CBD Brand in 2020? [Let’s Find Out]

In recent times, awareness about the benefits of CBD in treating different ailments has been growing rapidly. Many clinical studies have shown positive results on the effectiveness of this cannabinoid.

However, its linkage with Marijuana has caused a lot of resistance in permitting its products for public use.

The scenario, however, is changing and changing for the good. Now, CBD products derived from the hemp plant containing less than 0.3% THC have been permitted by law for manufacturing, selling, and consumption purposes in many states across the US.

Considering it to be a wonderful opportunity, many sellers have flooded the market with different types of CBD infused products.

Because of this sudden influx of these products, it has become difficult for consumers to differentiate between the genuine and the spurious sellers.

Therefore, to identify the genuine brands we conducted a thorough study on one of the most popular brands named CBDPure.

In this CBDPure review, we would provide you with all the relevant information about the brand and the variety of products it has to offer.

About CBDPure Brand

CBDPure is a fairly new establishment. It started its operation in the year 2016 with the intention of providing the highest quality CBD oil to its consumers.

CBDPure, for this purpose, has designed the PURE way to achieve its quality objectives through the following actions:

  • Purity– No compromise
    • Pure Organic Hemp and
    • Pure CO2 extraction method
  • Use of Natural Ingredients in Manufacturing
  • Refund policy– 90 days Money back guarantee
  • Excellent Quality Control Systems- In-house and through the Third party

Consequently, all the actions taken by CBDPure in its processes are in alignment with these PURE objectives.

Purity of Ingredients

CBDPure uses only two ingredients in their products.

  • Cannabidiol
  • Natural Hemp Oil

To ensure the highest quality of these two ingredients CBDPure ensures that it follows the best-in-class procedures while growing Hemp plants, extracting CBD, and manufacturing final products.

Organic Hemp

CBDPure uses only the organically grown Hemp plants for the extraction of the highest quality CBD.

It does not use any chemicals at any stage of cultivation. So, the final crop does not have any traces of harmful chemicals and toxins.

There is a dedicated team of CBDPure that works in collaboration with local farmers and the suppliers to ensure purity during the entire cultivation process.

Pure CO2 Extraction

After drying, the Hemp plants are cut for extraction. In this process also, it does not use any chemicals rather uses the purest method of CO2 extraction.

The CO2 extraction process ensures that,

  • There is no transfer of harmful chemicals during the extraction which takes place in the chemical-based extraction process.
  • The extract is free from any contamination. No harmful reactions take place among the ingredients as CO2 does not react with any of the compounds.
  • The extract contains all the nutrients present in the hemp plant; therefore, the end result is a highly potent full-spectrum CBD extract.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Through its stringent quality control procedures, the quality team performs post-harvesting tests of the entire crop to check the presence of chemicals or harmful heavy metals.

However, to have more confidence in its quality CBDPure has engaged a renowned third party lab Trace Analytics to check the potency and the quality of its products.

The lab test analysis and results include:

  • Cannabinoid Profiling
  • Microbiological Screening
  • Residual Solvent Testing
  • Pesticide Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing

Not only do they get the product analyzed through the outside lab but to maintain transparency of their system they also upload the test results on their official website for public viewing.

This showcases the confidence of the company in the highest quality of its products.


The shipping policy is simple. It takes around 1-2 working days to process the order and 3-7 working days to deliver within the US.

The company delivers its products to all the states within the United States and also exports them to a few foreign countries that allow the import of CBD products.

It is, however, advisable to check your local laws before ordering the product in your State or the Country.

Return & Refund Policy

CBD Pure offers a 90 days money back guarantee.

You can return the product within 90 days of the date of purchase and the company would refund you 100% of your purchase price minus the shipping expenses.

You can return the product to the following address:

CBD Pure Returns,

2555 N Coyote Dr #112,

Tucson, AZ 85745

The refund may take 1-2 weeks to process.

Customer Support

CBD Pure has a 2-tier customer support system:

  1. Customers can refer to the exhaustive FAQ page on the company’s official website to get the answer to most of their questions.
  2. In addition, customers can drop an e-mail at support@cbdpure.com.

CBDPure Products Review

The policies adopted by the company seem to take care of all the aspects of quality and customer satisfaction.

However, it is important to study whether these policies actually get reflected in the quality of the product offered by the company or not.

We reviewed two of the CBD Pure products to study the actual implementation of the highly promising policies of the company.

CBDPure Hemp Oil

Hemp-derived CBD Oil uses the CO2 extraction method to obtain the full-spectrum CBD product. The product is available only in Natural flavor.

So, if you do not particularly like the natural taste of CBD oils you should consume it considering it as medicine only.

Strengths & Flavors

It is available in three different strengths.

  • 300mg- CBD Pure 300
  • 600mg- CBD Pure 600
  • 1000mg- CBD Pure 1000

All these variants are available in a 2-ounce bottle with a dropper.

CBD Pure 300 is good for those who are trying the CBD product for the first time. Besides, the mild dosage would help them in treating light to moderate medical conditions.

CBD Pure 600 is twice as potent as CBD Pure 300. It is, therefore, suitable for those having moderate levels of chronic pain and inflammations. Besides, it is also useful for those suffering from insomnia, stress, and anxiety. It is incidentally the highest-selling variant of CBD Pure Hemp oil.

CBD Pure 1000 is the most potent variant of the CBD Pure Hemp Oil. It is very helpful in treating moderate to severe chronic pain conditions, migraines, chronic sleep disorders, and depressions.


For all three variants, the method of taking the dosage is the same.

  • Take ½ dropper oil sublingually once a day.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and then swallow it.

This dosage will get you different CBD contents per serving in all three variants.

CBD Pure 300 would provide 10mg of CBD per serving, while 600 mg and 1000 mg variants would provide 20 mg and 33 mg of CBD per serving respectively.


All three variants are available at three different rates.

Variant 1 month 3 months 6 months
CBD Pure 300 $29.99 $69.99 $124.99
CBD Pure 600 $54.99 $129.99 $219.99
CBD Pure 1000 $79.99 $199.99 $339.99


The all-natural CBDPure Hemp Oil is filled with all the benefits of CBD Oil without any impurities often found in CBD Oil manufactured following inferior processes.

The 3 different strengths offer options for a range of individuals with mild to severe medical conditions.

If you do not have any issue with the natural taste of hemp-derived CBD oil the product is just perfect for you.

However, in case you do not like the typical taste of hemp oil and do not want to compromise with the taste, you can try out the following product.

CBDPure Softgels 750

For those who want a large dose of CBD Oil but do not like the natural taste of Hemp-derived CBD Oil; CBDPure Softgel offers a great alternative.

One bottle of easy to swallow Softgels 750 contains 30 numbers of Softgels in it. The Softgels are filled with the same CBD oil as in CBDPure Hemp Oil.


The CBDPure Softgels is available in 750mg strength.


  • Swallow one Softgel every day.

This dosage will get you 25mg of CBD per serving.


CBDPure Softgels is available at 3 different rates.

Variant 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
CBDPure Softgels 750 $89.99 $224.99 $374.99


The all-natural CBDPure Softgels has all the benefits that are there in CBDPure Hemp oil. In addition, it offers a great option for those who do not like the natural taste of hemp-derived CBD oil.


With its multiple concentration options, CBD Pure offers a great all-natural product for those who wish to treat their medical conditions in a safe and effective way.

However, there are a few limitations in the product that I didn’t like;

No Flavor Options

CBD Pure is available only in Natural flavor. It is a big limitation, particularly when there are many good quality brands offering CBD oil in a variety of tasty flavors.

Very Fewer Varieties

Again there are many renowned brands offering different varieties for oral consumption. Offering only two variants of Hemp oil is a big minus with CBD Pure.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does a THC value of less than 0.3% signify?

A1: THC is an acronym for tetrahydrocannabinol. It is one of the major compounds found in Marijuana plants. It is because of the higher level of THC that makes marijuana psychoactive.

CBD products derived from industrial hemp plants have THC levels of less than 0.3%. It does not have psychoactive properties and that is why it does not give you a ‘high’.

For this reason, it is legal to consume CBD products with less than 0.3% THC level in many states in the US.

Are CBD and Marijuana extracted from the same plant?

A2. No, they are derived from different plants. CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant while Marijuana is extracted from the Marijuana plant.

However, both Hemp and Marijuana plants belong to the same species called the Cannabis sativa species.

Is it legal to purchase CBD online?

A4. Broadly speaking, yes. However, you need to ensure the following before ordering the products online:

  • Check the legal status of the CBD in your respective state.
  • Check the legality and reputation of the company from whom you are buying the CBD products.
  • Ensure that the company has used industrial hemp in manufacturing the products.
  • Make sure that the THC content in the product is below 0.3%.

Final Thoughts

For those who are concerned about the purity, quality, and medicinal value of the CBD product without being fussy about the taste and variety, CBDPure Hemp Oil offers them a wonderful choice.

The multiple options of concentration ensure that they benefit a wider range of individuals having mild to severe medical conditions.

The CBDPure Softgels provide an option for those who do not like the natural taste of hemp-derived CBD oil. They can simply swallow the gel to get all the benefits of pure CBD Oil.

However, by adding more flavors as well as varieties of products into its portfolio, CBDPure can really widen its reach to more consumers and help them to have a genuine product to get relief from their medical disorders.

Finally, though CBDPure is an excellent brand in the offering yet it is advisable to consult your doctor before using it to treat your medical disorder.

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