CBDfx Review 2020: Everything You Need To Know About This Brand

CBDfx Review

CBD is definitely one of the most effective alternative medications in the modern world. Its powerful strain provides a lot of health benefits to the body.

Thanks to the internet, more people are becoming aware of the power of CBD. But with its growing popularity comes the danger of getting low-quality products.

Just what I always say, I make sure that I would get the opportunity to review CBD products to help you with your buying decision. Let’s check one of the most talked-about brands in the market today, CBDfx.

In this CBDfx review, I’ll provide you with everything you need to know about this reputable brand before you make your decision to buy its CBD products.

About the Brand

CBDfx is a well-known CBD manufacturer to offer legitimate and effective CBD products – attested by users around the world. It takes pride in its own all-organic hemp farm.

The brand also claims to fully utilize the whole hemp plant to extract all helpful cannabinoids using the popular Co2 extraction process and transform them into different CBD products. It also adds all-natural key ingredients to its products, which are non-toxic and non-GMO.

CBDfx follows strict extracting and manufacturing processes that result in high-quality CBD products. The company promises to provide its clients with the purest CBD concentrations and less of THC.

It offers a huge range of CBD products that cater to different preferences and user groups. Whether you like using oil, tinctures, gummies, vape pens, topicals, or CBD for your pets, CBDfx is your one-stop-shop, making it a convenient go-to CBD store.

CBDfx Products Overview


CBD Tincture

Some people are confused about the difference between CBD tinctures and CBD oil. Well, both are stored in almost identical bottles. You can also administer both using droppers.

The difference lies in the process CBD’s extracted from hemp and made into this product. With CBD oil, the CBD component is infused in a carrier oil.

On the other hand, a CBD tincture is the by-product of cannabis soaked in an alcohol-water solution. Tinctures are one of the preferred CBD products because of its potency and ease of use.

It also boasts of long shelf life, so expect that one small portable bottle will go a long way.

Now, talking about the CBDfx tinctures, they are made from Full Spectrum CBD and organic MCT oil. These tinctures come in 3 different strengths that is 500 mg, 1000 mg and, 1500 mg and has 3 different flavors to make your CBD experience thrilling.

How to take CBD Tinctures?

For better results, you can take small drops of tincture and put it below your tongue. You may let it stay sublingually for a few seconds before you swallow.

You can decrease or increase the number of drops without worrying about overdosing. However, be wary that there are no studies that can support zero side effects on large scale doses.


This is actually tricky; since in general, high-quality CBD tinctures are expensive. But when it comes to providing the intended effects, the one that can deliver, of course, offers the best value for money.

CBDfx tinctures begins from $59.99 for 500 mg and goes to $119.99 for 1500 mg which is well priced considering what benefits you’re getting.


Actually, I was a bit skeptical about trying tinctures. It is kind of intimidating that it’s like an old school, apothecary-styled way of taking in medicine.

I was worried about the taste (I bought the natural flavored one). Just so you know I have sensory issues.

But after the first few drops, and several days of taking my CBD dose that way, I must say I’m not looking back. Taking it sublingually must have an effect on how it gives me relief faster.

Also, I love the fact that it comes in different tasty flavors! It vanished my fear of swallowing pure CBD.

CBD Vape Juice

CBDfx Vape Juice

When you are already in the CBD lifestyle, it’s challenging to look back anymore. The good news is that innovations are underway. Yes, even vape juice now have CBD.

CBDfx’s line of CBD vape juices is carefully concocted to deliver a wide product line infused with high-quality hemp oil.  It also contains natural ingredients, even the flavoring extracts.

What sets it apart from other vape juices in the market? It does not contain nicotine!

So, you can be sure you only take safe ingredients, particularly CBD. CBDfx also offers a vape starter kit that already comes with a pen and a vape juice so you can start the CBD vape lifestyle.

How to take the Vape Juice?

You can use the vape juice in almost all kinds of vape tanks. Start with the lowest dose up and observe how your body reacts.


The price of CBD vape juices is okay. You can choose among the different flavors available.

It also offers a starter kit, which is cheaper than buying each bundle item individually. In the same way, watch out for promos all throughout the year and take advantage of the vape juices at a lower price.


I recommended the CBD vape juice to one of my friends. I was there when he tried it and he said it made him feel relaxed and calm. I also did not have problems inhaling the smoke as I did not smell any trace of CBD in it.


CBD Capsules

Capsules are one of the popular choices when it comes to CBD products. This is because it is easy to take the appropriate dose consistently. This further lowers your chance to overdose.

It is usually in the soft-gel form, which uses mostly olive oil as filler, for easy absorption. You can easily put several capsules wherever you go.

CBDfx capsules boast of full-spectrum CBD. It means that not any part of hemp goes to waste. It guarantees that you are getting nutrient-dense capsules for maximized benefits. Furthermore, each capsule contains exactly 25 mg of Full Spectrum CBD.

How to take CBD capsules?

CBD capsules are best taken after meals. But it is still safe to do so in an empty stomach, so don’t worry too much.

Place the capsule on the tip of your tongue then swallow with a glass of water. For best results, take the capsule around the same time every day. Start with a single capsule and increase your dosage to two capsules per day if you’re not noticing any changes from the former.

It is made with organic and plant-based compounds. So, dear vegans, you can take these capsules as well.


The CBD Capsules are on the average side of the price-point market spectrum. It conveniently comes in packs or bottles.

CBDfx has an ongoing price slash so make sure you grab every chance for a better bargain!


I consider my capsules stash my must-have among the CBD products I buy from CBDfx. Not only it is convenient to take it with me, but it is also the most potent I come across by far.

I am also sure that I take the same amount every time. Each capsule is precisely packed with the same CBD concentration.

It helps me track down my personal dose. It also lets me know if my symptoms worsen should I find the need to step up my intake.

As mentioned, I also have sensory problems so taking a tasteless capsule is definitely a plus point for me.


CBD Gummies

Basically, taking gummies is a fun way to have your CBD fix. Since it hit the market, many have tried if it works as intended, and it does!

Just like capsules, CBD gummies are orals that you can easily store, bring, or take wherever you are. They are chewable and more fun to eat.

Aside from the fun, it brings, taking your CBD in gummies forms somehow elevates the experience. It calms you easily. It’s chewy, juicy, and cute to take.

But, does it work? The potency of its CBD concentration is 5mg per piece. With CBDfx, the gummies do not contain unnecessary ingredients like artificial sweeteners.

Aside from CBD, it also contains other organic ingredients and antioxidants, like spirulina and turmeric, that are also beneficial to your body.  You can get the benefits of CBD like pain management with every gummy.

How to take CBD Gummies?

Take one gummy around the same time every day and observe how your body reacts. You may take in increments of one from time to time.

Give time to observe first before adding another one. Be observant of side effects, especially when taking large doses.

You can conveniently keep a stash of gummies in your car or bag for easy access. There’s no need for water to down each gummy.


Its price point is no different from its capsule counterpart. It’s just too fun to eat so you may want to buy a lot! It gets more expensive when your stocks deplete faster.

Watch out for sales or price slashes all throughout the year and make sure to take advantage of it for bigger savings.


This is something that I only took once, and it made me remember the familiar taste of gummy bears. For me, it is an alternative means to get your CBD fix once in a while.

But I think, it can benefit kids or old people suffering from worse diseases and are exploring the curative properties of CBD. It makes it easier to take CBD gummies since it is familiar, chewable, and comes in different flavors.

Face Mask

CBDfx Face Mask

CBD is a natural ingredient that bursts of healing and health-benefiting properties. Thus, this makes it safe to be infused with beauty products to promote healthy and young-looking skin.

CBDfx’s line of face masks comes with different variants to target the most common facial skin problem areas. It contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, charcoal, cucumber, rose, and lavender.

Each face mask comes with a potent amount of CBD to help hasten its healing properties. You can expect immediate relief almost immediately after you remove the face mask.

How to use the Face Mask?

Clean your face thoroughly before putting on the face mask. This is for your face to easily absorb the mask’s active ingredients.

Leave it for about 10 minutes. No need to wash after; let the residue penetrate the skin even after you remove the mask.

Choose among the different variants based on your skin routine and preference. Use it as you unwind from a whole day of work.


It is a little over the price point of the usual face masks available in stores. But with its promise of instant relief, I can say it is a great buy.

You can also get more benefits from the other ingredients it contains, aside from CBD, of course.


Women can definitely rejoice as they can get the benefits of the famed CBD out of their face masks. Whether you have an acne outbreak, dry skin, or just a stressful day at work, you can pamper yourself with CBD face mask while having wine.

A friend of mine says her favorite is the cucumber variant. It instantly cooled down her face after getting sunburned at the beach.

Since then, it has become her travel must-have, especially during summer. You can definitely try this product without worrying about your sensitive skin.

Pet Oil

Pet CBD oils are an innovative product that shares the same health benefits of CBD with our furry friends. They are specially-formulated to adapt to the body chemistry of our pets and deliver the curative properties of CBD.

CBDfx’s pet oils are non-toxic. It contains other natural ingredients aside from CBD that is safe for your pets to take.

For best results, I recommend you to use the appropriate CBD pet oil for your pets’ weight. This ensures maximum absorption that provides more benefits and faster relief. Choose from the CBD pet oil for small or medium breeds.

How to take CBD pet oil?

Rub a small amount of pet oil on your palms and have your dog lick on them. Alternatively, you can also put small drops of oil on your pet’s drink or food.

Don’t worry because CBDfx only uses food-grade ingredients in every CBD product. Since your pet cannot tell you if he feels better or he needs a few drops more, observe his reaction for a considerable amount of time.

Warning signs that your pet may have too much include being sluggish or he looks as if he’s tired. That is the time to use fewer drops.


The variant for medium breeds is more expensive than its small breed counterparts. But using the right product ensures that your pet gets maximum results.


For this review’s sake, I decided to purchase this pet oil for my newly adopted spaniel.

Jake had been with me for about 3 weeks at the time of my experiment but he is not comfortable with me just yet. I learned that his former owner hits him before he was taken to the shelter.

I am certain he has anxiety since he usually sleeps on my sofa with his face burrowed down. He is also sensitive to loud noises.

I added two drops of pet oil to his food every morning. On the third day, he showed signs of interest to play with me and I know for sure he is calmer and happier now.

However, I’m unsure if it’s just about the time that I already earned his trust or the pet oil did cure him of his anxiety.

I would rather recommend this product to those people whose pets have terminal illnesses or need immediate relief from agonizing pain or extreme anxiety.

Topicals (Balms and Creams)

Cannabinoids derived from hemp is relatively safe to use. Therefore, it is not impossible to have it infused with other products to improve our well-being.

Skincare is one of the most lucrative businesses, and CBD has found a way to penetrate it. CBDfx takes advantage of the healing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing effect of CBD.

Voila! They came up with a premium skincare line and made it available for purchase. Among these products are balms and creams, which are also multi-purpose to give it more value for your money.

How to use Topicals?

Apply an ample amount in the problem area. You can choose among the different scents available for a more calming and soothing effect on your skin.

Of course, avoid the eye area since it is the most sensitive part of your skin.

Aside from healing the skin and making it look more vibrant, topicals are also effective for muscle pains. It can also work on instantly soothing burns and redness in the skin. Just apply in the affected area as needed.


A small can of balm and tube of cream already goes a long way. It is priced just right, considering it is multi-purpose and has a long shelf life.


A friend gave a small can of balm and I kept it in my first aid kit. I use it for minor burns, oil splatters on my skin, and insect bites.

I am more confident to use this product compared to steroidal creams in the market. I opt to use all-natural medicines as much as possible, and this makes it a huge plus point among my choices.


Can I overdose on CBD?

The cannabinoid is known to aid in restoring our body’s natural balance and improve cognitive processes. It is a naturally-occurring strain in hemp – not processed or manufactured from synthetic substances.

You cannot overdose on it. However, some long-time users can observe some side effects after taking in more than usual doses or in some isolated cases like lowered blood pressure and dry mouth spells. It is best to observe your body’s reaction first by taking in the least dose up.

Is CBD oil legal?

You can purchase and use CBD oil legally in some states in the US. Take due research to make sure you are not putting yourself liable under laws governing such.

Is it safe to take CBD oil with other medications?

It is best to consult your physician first since CBD studies are still ongoing.

How to know if my CBD is high-quality?

Admittedly, it is hard to know if you get the real deal unless you compare brands and observe the results yourself.

Check for the product line’s Certificate of Analysis, or COA, which should show the active ingredients present. Look for natural ingredients, and take note that the THC content should be 0.3% or less to be considered medically-safe to use.


I hope you enjoyed reading this comprehensive CBDfx review. CBDfx’s line of CBD products is one of the most extensive and reasonably-priced in the market. I have been on the lookout for their regular price offs and take advantage of it while I can for bigger savings.

My favorites include the capsules and the topicals. My house and my bag always have both. They are already an indispensable part of my lifestyle.

I am a satisfied CBD oil user and I am with the others in hopes it will become more available to more users in the near future.

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