CBD American Shaman Review in 2020: Does It Works Perfectly?

Now more than ever, health and wellness is everyone’s priority. Most people have become more conscious about their well-being that they choose to go organic.

CBD is one of the most sought-after options when it comes to all-natural supplements. Many manufacturers sprouted because of the demand but it’s a challenge to identify which one actually delivers.

When it comes to quality, American Shaman manufactures topnotch products through innovative science. Living up to its name, the company is one of the best brands that use the healing wonders of industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp is a strain from the Cannabis Sativa plant family legally cultivated in the US through the Farm Bill. Many states allow its use to obtain cannabidiol or CBD.

With careful research, American Shaman produces water soluble CBD oil compared to the usual oil-based form. Other than providing quality products in the market, the brand is also an advocate of sustainability and philanthropy.

Let’s check out this American Shaman review and see if it is the one for you.

About the Brand

CBD American Shaman is a respected US-based company that advocates wellness through terpene-rich CBD oil. It developed its own nanotechnology to produce nine times the usual bioavailability.

The brand produces 100% organic products using homegrown hemp that are gluten-free and non-GMO. It does not use insecticides or metals for cultivation.

The company’s proprietary nanosystem helps in getting the most refined hemp oil concentrate. Since the particles are smaller, the absorption is quicker.

Furthermore, American Shaman ensures compliance with the limits the government imposes. THC levels are below 0.3% as legally accepted and its lab reports are publicly available on their website.

Proprietary Nanotechnology

Unlike other manufacturers, the American Shaman aims to break down hemp oil particles into the smallest state possible. By doing so, it believes that the cannabinoids get a bigger surface area.

The molecular cannabinoids would then become more concentrated and potent. At this state, CBD acts faster than that of the regular-sized ones.

Other companies also use nanotechnology; however, the process filters everything else but CBD. It means that it removes the other helpful cannabinoids to make an isolate.

With the company’s proprietary technology, the water-soluble products maintain their full-spectrum state. It means that terpenes and other useful cannabinoids are kept intact.

Compassionate Care Program

Through its Compassionate Care program, the CBD American Shaman gives discounts to veterans. It also provides aid to low-income clients.

Prices are reasonable and if unsatisfied, they offer a money-back guarantee. If you purchased online, you would get your refund within 45 days. Meanwhile, you can return your store-bought products and proof of purchase within 30 days.

You may get in touch with their customer support through email (support@cbdamericanshaman.com) or simply fill out the form on the website. For calls, you may dial 1-855-427-7386.

American Shaman CBD Products Overview

With hundreds of CBD products all over the internet, choosing the right one for your specific need is quite a task. It is more confusing than planning healthy meals for a week.

CBD American Shaman offers a wide range of products you can choose from. Check out the list below and get to know more about the product before purchasing:

CBD Tinctures

Among its products, the all-organic CBD tinctures are the most popular. In general, CBD American Shaman has two types of tinctures available: THC-Free Water-Soluble CBD and Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil.

The brand has a plethora of tinctures, which are available in different flavors. You may choose from natural, cinnamon, grape, and blueberry moon.

You may use the 30 mL hemp oils orally. Placing it under your tongue for a few seconds is also a good way to get CBD.

On the other hand, you may mix the water-soluble CBD oil to your drinks. You can do this as a regular supplement.

CBD Topicals

Compared to other products, CBD American Shaman Topicals are for external use. They are great for targeting specific body parts.

The brand offers topical creams available in 250 mg and 500 mg. Meanwhile, its facial cream is available in 60 ml. The company also offers ointments, lip revitalizer, and body lotions.

To use, get a drop or two of the cream and massage generously on to the target body part. Gently pat after spreading the cream. You don’t need to wash it after.

Aside from creams, the brand also boasts of its Topical Serums. You may use the serum with droppers or simply buy the roll-on ones. Under-eye serums are also up for grabs.

You may apply a drop of serum to the specific body area and leave it for 15 minutes for better absorption. For roll-on products, just apply using the rollerball.

CBD Capsules

CBD American Shaman is proud to produce 100% organic CBD capsules. You can get 15 mg of ultra-concentrated terpene-rich hemp oil per capsule on a 30 or 60-pc bottle.

The intake recommendation is one capsule in the morning and once at night. You can take it only when necessary if you want to save it for later. So, daily intake is optional.

CBD Gummies

These terpene-rich hemp oil gummies are available in fruity flavors and gourmet packages. You may also opt for sugar-free packages.

For fruity flavored regular gummies, you get 10 mg of CBD goodness per piece. Ideal intake is two a day. No need to drink water, just chew it like candy.

Meanwhile, adult CBD gourmet gummies are available in sweet watermelon, sweet blue raspberry, and sweet tropical flavors, among others. A pack contains 10 pieces of gourmet gummies that have 25 mg of CBD apiece. The ideal usage is one per day.

CBD for Pets

Who said that your pets could not enjoy CBD? CBD American Shaman also offers a variety of CBD products for your dogs and cats. They even have liniments and treats for horses, too!

Your canine friends can enjoy CBD tinctures, water-soluble CBD, and dog treats and food in different flavors. The ideal amount of CBD intake for dogs is 2 to 5 mg per 25-lb. bodyweight on a daily basis.

For tinctures and water-soluble products, that’s half a milliliter. One hard dog treat or two soft ones is also equivalent to the ideal intake.

On the other hand, your cats can get CBD with pure hemp oil extracts. You can mix 2 to 5 mg of CBD per 8-lb. bodyweight on their food. So that’s also 0.5 ml of tincture or water-soluble CBD.

CBD Oil VS Water Soluble CBD

Oil and water do not mix, that’s a universal fact. But if you break CBD down to molecular sizes, it creates a different product altogether.

CBD oil is an extraction from the cannabis sativa plant. One method to do this is the CO2 extraction, of which pressurized carbon dioxide gets the essential cannabinoids.

On the other hand, CBD oil goes through molecular distillation after the CO2 extraction to further breakdown the particles. This process makes the CBD soluble.

Both CBD oil and water soluble CBD provide the results expected of them. The difference is in the delivery time (when your body absorbs the particles).

In solubility, the body absorbs CBD quicker than the usual. It means that the cannabinoids travel the bloodstream faster than regular CBD oils.

Where to Buy CBD American Shaman Products

CBD American Shaman has over 20 stores in different states in the US. The stores are usually open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Their full-service store in Gorham Maine houses all CBD American Shaman products. The company also offers franchise systems for those interested in selling its products.

You can also shop online through their website. Just click on the Shop tab, click on the product you want to buy, and then click Add to Cart. The company ships in all 50 states.

The company also offers Wholesale Buyer Program with a 50% discount off retail. You may check out the terms and conditions on the website.

Final Thoughts

Health is vital. This important fact makes us more meticulous when choosing an aid to lead a healthy lifestyle.


CBD American Shaman boasts of its state-of-the-art technology which produces high-quality CBD products. Well, the company has all the right to pride itself on its continuous research and production.

While others choose the regular option, the brand opts to use its own nanosystem on top of the usual process. That’s taking it up a notch right there.


The products are the best bang for the buck. Prices are reasonable – given the quality. You’d get more than what you pay for.


The company continues to improve its products and makes its lab tests public to ensure uncompromised quality. It just feels great to know where the CBD comes from and how they process it.

American Shaman supports homegrown hemp that undergoes Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography in batches to test for quality. This environmental-friendly process reduces the usage of solvents to lessen generating bio-waste.

Customer Care

Moreover, CBD American Shaman is one of those companies that consider the welfare of their customers. The Compassionate Care program shows the heart of the brand – that it is willing to help those in need as much as it can.

The company has one of the best customer support teams in the industry. Their associates are friendly and accommodating; they could answer any CBD questions you have. So, if you are new to CBD, do not hesitate to get in touch with them.

If there is such a thing as a perfect brand, CBD American Shaman deserves a spot on the top five. It sounds too ideal but it’s true: the brand is compassionate, innovative, and transparent. Definitely, you would want a brand that represents itself well and delivers as promised.

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