Best CBD Oil For Anxiety and Depression 2020

You have landed on this page because you are looking for relief, and might have heard something promising or even intriguing about CBD oil for anxiety. Let me tell you that you’ve come to the right place since this article is meant to present the truth and everything you should know about CBD oil and anxiety.

Here you’ll find information and reviews of the best CBD oil manufacturers in the market today to help you choose only a legitimate product. Other people’s reviews were also taken into consideration within the Pros and Cons section of every product.

Anxiety disorders should not hinder anyone, especially you, from living the quality of life you deserve. The people have spoken and you are to make your own testimony of a life of relief and positivity through the CBD lifestyle. But first, allow yourself to have informed decisions when it comes to CBD.

What Do You Need to Look for in a CBD Oil?

Curiosity might have brought you here. It is actually one of the major considerations why someone who wanted to explore the world of CBD should equip himself only with credible data and research-supported information to avoid misuse.

For someone who doesn’t have guidance, the worst is confusing you and ending up getting a fake product. How to get it from a reputable manufacturer is another story.

Anyway, let’s get you down to the basics of CBD oil and how to spot the best from the low-quality one. The effectiveness of CBD oil largely depends on its quality. Here are some of the factors affecting it:

Growing Methods, Cultivating Area, and Standards

High-quality CBD oil is a product of organic hemp that is grown during the best times of the year, and in the most conducive place for cultivation. From growing to harvesting, then to processing, the manufacturer should put its best effort to sustain a standard to produce high-quality products all the time.

You should look for manufacturers who are sourcing their hemp extract from healthy farmlands. Also, as they envision quality, they will be investing in facilities that use cutting-edge technology, as well as observe the strictest standards.

The Extraction Method

The method of extracting CBD oil from organic hemp is another determinant of its quality and effectivity.

Applying pressure to the plant until you extract the CBD oil from hemp plants is said to produce the most potent and purest output. In this case, a legitimate CBD oil should be a product of a process called CO2 extraction.[1]

CO2 extraction is the most effective way of getting the most cannabinoids and terpenes out of organic or industrial hemp. These elements are important since they work synergistically to produce the health benefits of CBD.

Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is considered as an excellent solvent, or aid, in the extracting process. It leaves the least residue on the output, thus, ensuring that you have a pure, unadulterated CBD oil in your hands.

On the contrary, dubious CBD manufacturers who cut corners use chemicals in lieu of carbon dioxide. Now, would you want to intake more chemicals? I bet you don’t.

CBD Forms

Another noteworthy indicator to consider is that there are different forms of CBD products available in the market. It is best to find the right product suitable for your purpose for maximum effects.

For example, topical products like creams and balms are for the skin. Edibles like gummies and candies are for your daily CBD dose. People with anxiety sometimes prefer tinctures or vapes.

Meanwhile, always remember that in choosing high-quality CBD products, ensure that the important cannabinoids and terpenes are still present. The product label also says more about the other ingredients present in your CBD oil product and it will relatively give you the idea about the quality you are getting.

Of course, avail your CBD products only from reputable companies. It might be more expensive, but you’re guaranteed of getting your money’s worth. You will also know how to spot reputable manufacturers, as well as the pitfalls of the shady ones, as you read on.

Proof of Authenticity

Since CBD oil is not widely-commercially-available, you must see fool-proof evidence of its legitimacy. In cannabis, the proof of authenticity is called the COA, or the Certificate of Analysis. This is an important document that should say something about the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other ingredients present in your product.[2]

A COA is given by an accredited third-party authority that states the result of a series of laboratory tests. In knowing the cannabinoids present, as well as its quantity, you’ll determine its potency and have a concrete basis of their benefits claims.

In reading the COA, you must be wary of some red flags, too. There shouldn’t be high concentrations of THC, which is the one responsible for the high feeling.

Also, it does the opposite of the intended benefits. Though tests will inevitably reveal some traces of THC, it should not be higher than 0.3%, which is the maximum allowable amount as per federal laws in general.

Read Online Reviews

As with other products in the market, customer satisfaction is one strong asset, especially now that we are in the realm of the online marketplace. Customer reviews are one of the most trustworthy feedback that many of us as consumers look for when trying a product for the first time.

So, it is vital that the product can prove its claims through clients who are satisfied enough to leave a review and recommendation.

Legality in Your Area

You are dealing with a controversial product due to many factors, and among them is its legality. Earlier, it might be curiosity that led you to this article, and you have every reason to be – it is illegal to sell and consume CBD oil in most parts of the world because of its cousin, marijuana.

Before availing CBD oil, consider the laws first prevailing in your area. CBD oil products are not yet approved by the FDA, and there are only certain states in the United States that allow the growing, manufacturing, selling, and consuming of CBD. It is important to know if the approved list includes your area, as well as the more specific laws directing the consumers and sellers.

However, the good news is, there are now significant advances when it comes to federal laws surrounding the cultivation, selling, and intake of CBD. The 2018 Farm Bill[3] helped industrial hemp be removed from the list of Controlled Substances I category, under the provision that the hemp-derived products should contain less than 0.3% THC.

However, let’s spare the case if you are someone with Dravet syndrome, or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which are severe forms of epilepsy. There is good news for you since the first and only FDA-approved CBD-based drug to date, the Epidiolex, is already available and legal to purchase[4]. This drug is for managing seizures. Epidiolex is a prescription drug and is under strict regulations when it comes to prescription and use.

In reality, the potential for abuse is one major factor as to why the FDA hasn’t been passing CBD as a clinical treatment for different illnesses. But there is hope! As more people are exploring the promises of cure of CBD, as well as more manufacturers being willing to shell out money for its study, we can expect more progress soon.

How Promising Is CBD Oil for Relieving Your Symptoms?

Honestly, the studies surrounding CBD aren’t adequate enough to detail more specific information like dosage, actual side effects, and long-term effects. So, just to manage your expectations, CBD oil manufacturers may differ from their recommended dosages, and some can’t even guarantee instant results. You may have to see it for yourself and use other people’s experiences as your guide when trying it for the first time.

Nonetheless, it is exciting to know that CBD is on its way from being a “potential” to a full-grown and proven health medicine for people of different medical conditions.

In this article, we will focus on how CBD interacts with your body to help you reduce your symptoms of anxiety disorders. But then, the majority of the guidelines you’ll read here are also applicable if you want to explore more about the benefits of taking CBD oil for your health.

Traversing the path to healing and relief through CBD is one exciting and fulfilling journey. But even with proven results from other users’ experience, as with everything else, exercise caution before taking any product orally.

Now, let’s begin knowing the best of the best CBD oil products and manufacturers today.

Top 7 Best CBD Oils For Anxiety (2020)


Fab CBD boasts of securing its authority and credibility in the market by advocating wellness. This is with the help of CBD products that are also promoted as a lifestyle choice. They intend to use science and technology to further the potential of CBD in the field of medicine as well.

Fab CBD also gives back to the community by sending a part of their sales to causes like the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

FabCBD offers a mix of CBD Isolate and full-spectrum CBD products. This means that each product type offers different potency depending on its use and the user’s preference and tolerance.

Products and Price

  • CBD Oil – $39 – $129
  • CBD Chews – $59
  • CBD Dog Treats – $34 – $87
  • Green Superfoods – $79 – $142
  • Topical CBD Cream – $49
  • CBD Vape Pen – $39

CBD Content

CBD Oil: 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, 2400mg per 30mL bottle

Product Flavors

  • CBD Oil – Citrus, Mint, Natural, Berry, Vanilla
  • CBD Chews – Fruit
  • CBD Dog Treats – Peanut Butter, Apple, Chicken, Salmon
  • Green Superfoods – Cocoa Crisp, Citrus Mojito
  • CBD Vape Pen – Active

Pros and Cons

Fab CBD has substantial offerings for both first-time and seasoned users. Aside from different product types, they also infuse flavor to make its intake more exciting and enticing.

You can also assure yourself that you are getting a legitimate product because it provides test certificates for its products from ProVerde Laboratories. You can readily view its documents as proof on their website.

Aside from the third-party lab testing results, Fab CBD grows its hemp within a conducive environment of Colorado farmlands. They are confident enough with their products and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is also easy to order online via their website. You can easily compare products since the information is also indicated on the product page. It’s also nice knowing they have a Rewards Program that lets you earn points with every purchase, which you can use as discounts for more savings.

However, some of their products go out of stock easily, so it is best to order before your own stock runs out. Some of the products also take time to take effect, but it’s actually quite the same with others as it doesn’t guarantee instant results.

CBD Pure

CBD Pure claims to use only the legitimate processes to produce the highest-quality CBD oils and other products in the market. These processes include the use of CO2 extraction, the use of locally-grown hemp that is also non-GMO, and abiding by the strictest standards of quality control.

The potency of CBD Pure products varies to help users acquire their comfortable and effective dose. Guide yourself with the information below:

  • CBD Oil: CBDPure300 – 300 mg of CBD/2oz bottle, CBDPure600 – 600 mg of CBD/2oz bottle, CBDPure1000 – 1000 mg of CBD/2oz bottle
  • CBD Soft gels: 25mg/soft gel
  • CBD Cream: 250mg/3 oz.

Products and Price

  • CBD Oil – $29.99 – $79.99
  • Liquid Soft gels – $89.99 – $374.99
  • CBD Cream – $39.99 – $169.99
  • CBD for Pets – $24.99 – $119.99

CBD Content

CBD Oil: 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg per 2 oz bottle

CBD Soft gels: 25mg/capsule

Product Variants

  • CBD Oil – CBDPure 300, CBDPure 600, CBDPure 1000 (the higher the number, the more potent it is)
  • Liquid Soft gels – CBDPureSoft gels 750 – 750mg/soft gel
  • CBD Cream – CBDPure Cream with Menthol and White Willow Bark

Pros and Cons

CBDPure has proven a lot when it comes to quality. This is through having downloadable third-party results (from Trace Analytics) via their website.

The industrial hemp they use also comes from their partner farmlands in Colorado, and not from other countries where quality is not guaranteed. They also offer a generous 90-day money-back guarantee, which is a good sign for first-time users.

However, unlike other brands, CBDPure doesn’t have an extensive list of products that customers can choose from – just the basics. There are also no flavor options.

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals was established in 2014 and has since aimed to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of the highest-grade CBD merchandise in the market. They boast of their industry-innovative production and laboratory facility to ensure their products’ quality. They promise quality and transparency among all the parts of the production process – from growing to distribution.

NuLeaf Naturals only produces full-spectrum CBD oil, with a potency of 50mg/mL, and a price point of $38.50 to $1,953.40 depending on the size of the bottle.

CBD Content

  • 240mg/5mL bottle
  • 725mg/15mL bottle
  • 1450mg/30mL bottle
  • 2425mg/50mL bottle
  • 4850mg/100mL bottle

Pros and Cons

The products’ batch report is searchable and downloadable via the NuLeaf Naturals website. The lab testing results are provided by ProVerde Laboratories based in Milford, Massachusetts. They are also proud of receiving the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (eGMP) certification[5]. In addition, their CBD oils are certified to be Glyphosate residue-free[6].

NuLeaf Naturals also have set the guidelines for Shipping and Returns. Returns of unopened products within 30 days, but is subject to the investigation and discretion of the company before ordering a full refund.

In addition, they promote high-grade and high-quality products with different certifications from their laboratory and manufacturing facilities down to the ingredients.

The hemp they use is grown by their partner growers in Colorado, but also have an extensive list of physical stores you can visit within the United States. You can also order online via their website.

In addition, they also boast of their ISO 8 certified lab facility. They also offer wholesale rates for retailing and distributorship

The brand only sells pure CBD oil, which might turn off some of the first time and seasoned users who wanted a variety of products to try with.


Medterra is established to help the cannabis industry be freed from the social stigma by providing high-quality products that promote wellness. Alongside every product is the intention to educate people about the gamut of benefits they can get from CBD.

They partner with several hemp-oriented organizations to ensure their quality and to deliver their message across the United States, and even internationally.

Their hemp is grown in Kentucky, USA but they have a lobby in Irvine, CA. You can purchase their products online, or through their partner distributors across the United States.

Medterra Products include CBD Tinctures and Capsules, CBD Topicals, CBD for pets, and a wellness line. Their price point that starts at $34.99 up.

Medterra ensures that their products are tested by a certified third-party laboratory. Their suppliers are also GMP-certified and are observing the approved laws and practices surrounding the cultivation and processing of CBD.

CBD Content

  • Broad-spectrum CBD Tincture: 1000mg, 2000mg per 30mL bottle
  • CBD Oil Tincture: 500mg, 1000mg, 3000mg per 30mL bottle
  • CBD Capsules: 25mg, 50mg per capsule

Product Flavors/Variants

  • CBD Tinctures: Citrus
  • CBD Gel Capsules: Good Morning (for energy), Melatonin (for sleep)
  • CBD Rapid Cooling Cream for muscles and joints
  • CBD Cream with Manuka Honey
  • CBD Roll-on
  • CBD Pet Tinctures: Beef, Chicken, Unflavored

Pros and Cons

Medterra offers a variety of products for humans and pets. They also have broad-spectrum products and wellness bundles. They have enough facility to produce these products in high quantities, enough to offer to supply them in bulk at wholesale prices for distributors. But they still do retail.

Orders, shipping, and returns are covered by certain guidelines provided on their website. As for their products’ guarantee, they ensure high-quality products because of their certifications across their processes and facilities. They also offer a 30-days money-back guarantee.

However, for some, they find that Medterra has an incomplete CBD product lineup that appeals to modern users. Hopefully, they expand their product line in the future.


Established in 2016, CBDistillery aims to promote CBD products and cater to the growing demands for fair-priced, high-quality, hemp-derived CBD. They grow their hemp in the conducive environment of Colorado and have complied with the certifications mandated by the law.

Their hemp is grown in Colorado, USA, as well as where their headquarters are based. You can purchase their products online and they can ship across the United States (with a $500-limit). If you wish to purchase more, direct to their wholesale page to have it arranged.

CBDistillery Products include oil, isolates, gummies, soft gel capsules, topicals, vapes, and a pet line. They are offering full-spectrum CBD and isolate products, with price points between $20 to $2,000.

All CBDistillery products are tested by a third-party laboratory. To download the report, scan the QR code which you can find in the product label. They claim their products to be US Hemp-certified.

All CBDistillery product orders are covered by their Shipping and Return policy. As for the quality guarantee, they boast of their transparency about the processes and cultivation facilities. They were also able to secure certifications from related governing organizations to ensure they abide by the strictest product standards.

CBD Content

For Full Spectrum/Isolate Tinctures:

  • 5g bottle = 167 mg/mL
  • 5g bottle = 83 mg/mL
  • 1 g bottle = 33 mg/mL
  • 5g bottle = 17 mg/mL
  • 25g bottle = 8 mg/mL

Product Flavors/Variants

  • CBD Oil: Full Spectrum CBD, THC-free Pure, Tinctures for pets
  • Isolates: 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate (Crystalline) powder, 99%+ Pure CBDelicious Formulation Powder
  • CBD Gummies: Regular and Nighttime
  • CBD Capsules: Full Spectrum CBD, THC-free CBD isolate
  • CBD Topicals: Balm, cream, salve, relief stick
  • CBD Vapes: Extra Strength and Regular; Strawberry Lemonade, Mint, Grape, Mango

Pros and Cons

CBDistillery offers a wide range of reasonably-priced products, including almost 100% pure CBD isolate broad-spectrum CBD products. They can also arrange the delivery of wholesale quantities for those who want to distribute them locally. The third-party test results can be obtained online to assure you of the legitimacy and potency of their products.

Some reviewers, however, prefer them to have more flavor options and product variants to suit their CBD lifestyle.


CBDmd highlights that its products are some of the most sought after in the market based on the Kantar survey among users. Besides, they observe the strictest standards when it comes to the cultivation, processing, and testing of their products. They are also transparent about the athletes who are swearing about their products.

CBDmd sells broad-spectrum and THC-free products that include oil tinctures, gummies, topicals, capsules, sleep aids, pet products, and bath bombs. Prices start at $19.99 and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

They only source their hemp in local hemp farms in the United States, since they are uncertain about the quality of international farms. They distribute their products online and ship within the US.

CBDmd can provide their products’ Certificate of Analysis or COA that is viewable via their website. It is performed and certified by SC Laboratories based in Sta. Cruz, California.

Product Flavors/Variants

  • CBD Oil Tinctures: Natural, Berry, Orange, Mint
  • Gummies: Tropical, Orange, Strawberry, Mixed Berry
  • CBD Freeze: Roller bottle, Squeeze bottle
  • CBD Recover: Tub
  • Moisturizing lotion: Squeeze
  • CBD Capsules: 30-count, 60-count
  • CBD Oil for sleep
  • CBD Pets: Oil tinctures, Treats, Dog Chews, Cat Chews, Peanut Butter, Balm

Pros and Cons

CBDmd already boasts of award-winning products within its first 2 years of operation. It has a wide range of CBD products for different needs that are guaranteed vegan-friendly.

To ensure the quality of their CBD oil, they only use USA-hemp. However, their website doesn’t reflect information over the locations of their office, plant, and farm.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs take pride in sourcing their hemp from US-based and sustainable farms that comply with the provisions and standards of the 2018 Farm Bill. Their products also undergo multi-stage lab testing to ensure its quality, in which the results can be viewed via their website.

Hemp Bombs offers broad-spectrum CBD products including oil, edibles, vapes, topicals, and CBD for pets. Prices start at $14.99.

Hemp bomb products are being distributed among 25,000 stores across the United States. You can also order online via their website and have it shipped in your US address. For international orders, contact them directly for arrangements.

Use batch numbers to search for the third-party lab testing results. There are also downloadable reports per product on the website. These are conducted and certified by Green Scientific Labs based in Tampa, Florida.

All product orders are covered by their Shipping and Return policy. Please review before making any purchase.

As for the quality guarantee, Hemp Bombs source their hemp extract only from American farms to ensure quality ingredients grown in the most conducive conditions.

CBD Content

  • CBD Gummies: 25mg/gummy
  • High-potency Capsules: 30mg/capsule
  • Regular Capsules: 15mg/capsule
  • CBD Oil: 125mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 4000mg per bottle
  • Vape: 75mg, 250mg, 300mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 4000mg per bottle
  • CBD Pet Oil: 125mg, 300mg, 1000mg per bottle

Product Flavors/Variants

  • Edibles: Gummies (Original, High-potency, Sleep), Capsules, Lollipops (Cherry, Green Apple, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon), Shots, Syrups
  • CBD Oil: Unflavored, Acai Berry, Orange Creamsicle, Peppermint, Watermelon
  • CBD Vape Liquid: Crisp Honeydew Melon, Electric Blue Raspberry, Exotic Watermelon Kush, Juicy Southern Peach, Strawberry Milk, Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, Sweet Mango Seduction, Vanilla Cupcake Swirl, Wild Blueberry Jam
  • CBD Essential Oil: Focus blend, Sleep blend
  • Topicals: Pleasure gel, Lotion, Balm, Beard Oil, Tattoo ointment,
  • CBD for Pets: Oil, Biscuits

Pros and Cons

Hemp Bombs is the answer to first-timer woes – they offer CBD in smaller quantity packs! This is the best bang for the buck for those who wanted to try different products within budget.

They also offer a wide range of flavor selections for E-liquids among the brands on the list. Another noteworthy edge is that they sell CBD essential oils!

Summing Up

Now that you already know how to spot the best CBD oil and its providers in the market, you can now explore its different benefits for your health. And one of the known benefits of CBD oil is providing anxiety relief.

What Is Anxiety? | Causes and Symptoms

Anxiety is the body’s natural response in anticipation of stressors like new environments and situations that make us scared, nervous, or unsure. These responses are normal and essential to survival; however, it becomes problematic when it already affects the quality of your life. This is the time when someone needs help in controlling or managing it.

Anxiety disorders are conditions wherein a person reacts intensely over something that it causes hard-to-control feelings of fear. More often, the feeling of anxiety lasts longer than usual and affects one’s quality of life.[7].

People with anxiety disorders experience crippling, sometimes debilitating feelings that may even lead to disability. Social anxiety is one of the most common manifestations of anxiety disorder, which when left untreated or addressed, may affect interactions, communication, relationships, and mental and emotional development.

According to studies, anxiety disorders are caused by one, any, or a combination of the following[8]:

  • Some imbalance in the chemicals within the brain
  • Environment factors, as well as the present emotional and mental well-being of the person
  • Effects of trauma or phobia
  • Some findings point at some parts of the brain being responsible for maintaining the homeostasis or sense of calm and balance within the body. If a part malfunctions, then it contributes to starting or aggravating, anxiety disorders.

Common symptoms that are associated with anxiety disorders include any, but not limited to, the following:

  • Increase in heart rate
  • Feelings of restlessness, nervousness, and fear
  • Sweaty palms and feet
  • Hyperventilating
  • Having a hard time sleeping
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Difficulty in managing or controlling emotions

Anxiety disorders aren’t diagnosed easily; one has to undergo a series of tests to rule out other conditions. When diagnosed, you will be prescribed with medicines to help you cope with significant life events daily to manage your symptoms. There are also prescription drugs that can help alleviate anxiety at the onset of an attack.

CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression

Science sees great potential for CBD oil as a cure for generalized anxiety, anxiety disorders, and depression because of its unique properties.

According to an NCBI study, hemp-derived CBD contains cannabidiol – a compound that has a significant number of cannabinoids that our own body produces, too. [9]. Cannabinoids in our body are responsible for helping us cope with stress arising from injury, shock, or trauma. It maintains our body’s balance in the presence of “danger” so that the other parts continue to function, help us recover easily, and to sustain our life.

It is said that the cannabinoids and terpenes in CBD interact with our endocannabinoid system positively. This synergy is the reason for the different health benefits that CBD can provide you. These include:

  • Helps us cope better with stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Pain management
  • Helps in relieving cancer symptoms
  • Reduce nerve pain
  • Helps in avoiding epileptic episodes

Among the listed above, CBD oil is more popular being an anti-anxiety and depression cure. This is because of the cannabis’ profile that positively interacts with our bodies’ receptors in the endocannabinoid system that is responsible for regulating fear and stress-related behaviors, according to an NCBI study which explores the potential of CBD as a treatment for social anxiety disorder and other types.[10]

Several clinical studies support these claims of CBD oil as an effective relief for generalized anxiety, anxiety disorder, and depression symptoms. These specifically backup claims over its effectivity in helping people cope with social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder [11]

CBD Oil Dosage

Despite some clinical studies supporting the anti-depressive and anti-anxiety effects of taking CBD oil, the premise of dosage isn’t well expounded. In fact, these studies just confirm that doses of CBD have different effects on different people groups. An NCBI review in 2017 [12] affirms quite a wide range of intake between 20mg to 1,500mg.

When using CBD oil, you should use a dropper to administer your doses. It is best to know how to calculate the equivalent quantity for every drop or a full dropper of CBD oil. Some people opt to take a full dose divided into several intakes within the day.

When taking CBD oil for social anxiety, it is best to take time in observing the effects before scaling up on the dose. Check the label for the dose recommendations. Get the highest-quality CBD oil you can afford.

Remember too, that your body’s response like side effects and relief to CBD oil might also differ from different manufacturers. Yes, it might take you several trial and errors along the way.

Since people differ in their responses to CBD oil as a treatment for anxiety, find your comfortable timing when taking it. Some people use it as needed, or only when they anticipate something life-altering or stress-inducing to come.

Some take tolerable doses every day to help them manage their everyday stressors or triggers. There are others who intend to use it as treatment, say in managing symptoms for social anxiety or depression, so a managed dose at a certain time that is recommended by a Physician is most likely.

Also, note that different doses of CBD constitute some side effects that arise during clinical studies (cite specific plus link) and from past users. These include:

  • Nausea or fatigue
  • Appetite changes
  • Weight changes

It is also not recommended to use CBD oil alongside other medications. It is best to consult with your physician first to avoid complications. Also, get your CBD oil only from reputable manufacturers like what we listed above. There are reported cases of negative reactions from taking CBD and it was found that some of them took fake CBD products. [13]

In general, taking CBD oil should be within the safe, tolerable, and responsible limits.

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety

There are different ways to use CBD to aid in reducing anxiety or to address social anxiety and other types of anxiety disorders.


One of the most popular ways is by taking sublingually or through tinctures. A drop of CBD oil is put under the tongue, which contains capillaries that will help it get absorbed by the bloodstream easily. Though for some, this method is not that appealing because of the after-taste. It can be easily remedied though by choosing CBD oils with infused flavors that can mask the taste.


Another preferred way is vaping. For some, vaping is a relaxing activity itself. Using CBD oil in vape also increases the rate of absorption, since it is directly ingested by the body through the lungs. Though this method is strongly cautioned because of the risk of developing lung-related diseases and other side effects.


For some who have the fear of being judged for taking CBD in the public, or wanted a more “fun” way of intake, CBD-infused gummies, taffies, or other edibles or foods are the best fixes.

Because of the many ways of taking CBD, people are calling it a lifestyle choice. But more than that, Cannabis is an interesting discovery in the field of medicine, and the results of the studies surrounding it are promising. The everyday stressors shouldn’t hinder you from doing your best and CBD can help you be more positive and calmer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CBD is controversial because of its association with marijuana but somehow, people are feeding on the curiosity and trying CBD products. Nonetheless, whether you are a first-time or a seasoned user, here are some questions and answers for your CBD concerns:

Can I overdose on CBD?

The highest-quality CBD oil contains all-natural, plant-derived compounds using a superior extraction method that doesn’t leave residues. Therefore, in general, it is unlikely that overdosing can occur. However, the price point of CBD products is high; therefore, it is only practical to observe proper doses recommended in the labels.

CBD has substantial clinical studies that reveal some of its side effects which are already mentioned above. Exercise self-restraint and caution when taking CBD and take your time in observing its effects before adding a dose.

What is the difference between CBD isolate, Full Spectrum CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD?

Isolate is CBD in its purest form. Full Spectrum CBD contains the other important cannabinoids terpenes that are also essential in the product’s effectiveness. Broad-spectrum CBD is infused with other natural ingredients to add more benefits to users. Examples are natural flavorings such as herbs.

Some broad-spectrum CBD products also make use of MCT oil as a carrier. MCT oil is already nutritional in itself, but when mixed with CBD, it can boost its therapeutic properties.

Is CBD oil safe for kids?

Generally, CBD oil is safe for people to use from 2 years old and above. This is because of the existing clinical studies that can support its benefits. Any CBD intake must be consulted first with a Physician, especially if it is going to be used alongside other medications or will be used as a treatment to some grave conditions.

What is the Entourage effect?

The effectiveness of CBD is said to like in the mechanism called the entourage effect. This rose from the ongoing studies involving hemp extract and CBD.

The Entourage effect demonstrates that the compounds in CBD such as cannabinoids and terpenes must collaborate with each other to produce the psychoactive effects that our endocannabinoid system should experience to find relief. This is an important discovery in improving the methods of extraction, and in proving/disproving the benefits for overall wellness.


We are slowly seeing more manifestations of the many benefits from CBD, as well as more acceptance from society more than ever. Though we can say that CBD oil still holds a lot of potentials, being a responsible user and advocate can help its industry thrive and open more doors for discovery, development, and cure. For now, we can say that CBD intake is a lifestyle choice, but advocates are trying to level it up as a medicine. Let’s see where it goes from here.


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